Flipping for Cause and Effect!

I don't know about your class, but my class could always use some extra practice with cause and effect!  In this game, students pair up and get one coin, such as a penny.  Fake coins are totally okay, as long as they have both the head side and tails side.  Then one person flips the coin and based on how it lands, either tells the cause or effect of either something they read or you can have them make it up.  Their partner then tells the other.  These cause and effect statements are then recorded on the cause and effect recording sheet!


What's nice about this is, sometimes students have to tell the effect first.  Students alternate in flipping the coin.  I have also included with this a graphic organizer for cause and effect!

Just click on the images above or click here to download it!

With this fun activity, your students are sure to flip for cause and effect!  


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