End of the Year ABC's

We are crawling toward the end of the year.  The kiddos are thinking about frolicking in the sprinklers, sleeping in, and playing video games.  You are trying hard to hold their attention and teach just a few more things...

Ah, the end of the year woes!

To hold their attention and recap what you learned through out the year, why not use this sheet, "The ABC's of What I learned This Year?"  It would be a great way to grab their attention in the morning (maybe for morning work) or as an early finisher activity.  It is also a bit of a critical thinker and is a great way to recap what you focused on over the course of the school year.  (Plus, it's just fun!)

It won't be long and school will be over and the real fun will begin.  :)

Click on the picture to download!

Happy - last few - Teaching!


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