Warning!! Empower Young People by Teaching the Steps of Intimacy

Love Birds -- Which Step is This?

  1. The steps of intimacy are all the steps human beings use that lead to sex; everything that happens from eye to body (isn’t he/she cute) to sex. This is common sense information that no one explains to young people.
  2. You understand the initial sign of I’m attracted to you. Without realizing it, we select and deselect people all the time. The 1st selection is Eye to Body — yes, yes, no, no way, uuhhh maybe. One day we see someone and think He / She is fine. You are doing your thing while checking that person out. The process of checking someone could take minutes or days. It could be yes — maybe — no — not right now — and that is perfectly alright. It is the human process of attraction and deciding.
  3. You know when you are attracted to each other at the exact same time.   Eye to Eye you catch each other looking at each other. This is special, most of the time you like him, he likes Ann who is focused on Jim who dreams about Susan. That’s just life, don’t feel bad about yourself or pine over the idea someone prefers someone over you. Move on — there is someone special for you, it’s the person who is not thinking of someone else.
  4. I wasn’t planning on having sex; it just happened. It doesn’t just happen, excluding being high and/or allowing yourself to be alone with someone, there are 13 steps before It just happened.
  5. Once you know the steps, you understand: there is a strategy involved in any sexual conquest, you know each step is a progression that leads to a final destination — sex. As my husband explained to my teenage daughters, the only drive stronger than the will to survive is the sex drive in a young man. Men are mission oriented and one of their missions is to satisfy their sex drive. Many people do not realize sex is any part of your body touching the genital area of another person’s body (Some have the mistaken ideas that sex is only sexual intercourse).  (Lots of people don’t know this.)
  6. The steps of intimacy are steps that bond people together. The longer a couple lingers at each step and the longer they take to go down these steps, the stronger the relationship. Hook-Ups (sex with a non-relationship person) do not lead to friendship, high self-esteem or healthy relationships.
  7. The Information learned in the steps of intimacy allows people to review each step of intimacy in term of relationships; at what step does one draw the line to prevent the temptation of having sex.
  8. The information learned in the steps of intimacy allows people to review each step of intimacy in terms of disease; at what steps will a person be exposed to a disease (STDs and other communicable diseases).
  9. The information learned in the steps of intimacy allows people to review each step of intimacy in terms of the law; at what step/steps will a jury judge the victim of sexual assault more critically than the alleged perpetrator of the sexual assault.
  10. Need to know: At each step, a person has the choice to stay at that step, go to the next step, or return to a previous step. If you have plans for your future and becoming pregnant, acquire an STD or a criminal record will interfere with your future, pick a step that will eliminate any chance that a short term pleasure will end with long term sorrow.
The 14 Steps of Intimacy (in sequential order):
1. Eye to body
2. Eye to eye
3. Voice to voice
4. Hand to hand
5. Hugs
6. Hand to shoulder
7. Hand to waist
8. Face to face (good night kiss)
9. Hand to face
10. French Kiss
11. Necking
12. Touching over clothes
13. Touching under clothes
14. Sex Sexual Intercourse and/or oral sex

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