What to do on testing afternoons? Student Portfolios!!

What do you do with your class on afternoons when they've had testing?   Do you have a low-stress, engaging activity for them?

Creating Student Portfolios has always worked for me:

Here's why it works:

-It's engaging, but not high stress.

-It's good for kids' self-esteem.  Students can see how much they've improved since the beginning of the year.  They can see value in their learning beyond knowing answers for a test.

-It's a great way to review.  To organize their work, they'll need to look back through everything they've done this year.

-Organizing objects is a good way to organize your brain, actually!

-Coloring reduces stress!  (Maybe the teachers should make one, too, then!)

Want to try it out?  Grab these FREE student portfolio covers for first through fifth grades:

Happy Teaching (& Testing)!!

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