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This one page sample (plus a key and teacher notes) is from my complete set of Brain Teasers for Transitions. The brain teasers are higher level thinking activities that are perfect for any type of transition time, when you have an extra five to ten minutes right before recess or lunch, but not enough time to start a new lesson.They're awesome for fast finishers and are also nice to have on hand when you have a sub.

One great thing about these activities is that there are no copies to run off! Just take a page, ask a question and have the kids respond. I like using whiteboards but you could also do thumbs up or down, a simple raising of the hand, partner sharing, and more.

Each page is loaded with a variety of activities that are fun, educational, and engaging! Here’s a sample of a few types of activities your students will love!

• Two Truths and a Lie: Two of the facts about famous Americans are absolutely true but one of them isn't. Read all of the facts and have the kids guess which one is the lie.
• Would you Rather… Kids must choose between the two items. There is no “I like them the same”, or “I don’t like either of them” business!
• Find the Pattern: Math thinking activity. After coming up with the next two numbers, I like to have the kids tell me the rule mathematically.
• How Many ______ Can You Name? Here the whiteboards would come in handy. I definitely set a time limit for this or some smart kid will go all day!
• Analogies: Once kids figure them out, it’s a great idea to discuss “why” they work.
• Name That Continent: A country is listed and the kids try to determine (Ok…lots of times they guess) which continent it is from. Here’s your chance to put that globe to good use!
• Which Two Don’t Belong: A list of words that fit a certain category. Sounds easy? Not always as often the words are very similar in nature.
• Scientific Questions: Food chains, landforms, solar system, magnets, weather, animals and more!

I love these Brain Teasers and think you will too! They are a lifesaver for spare minutes for you or for your substitute.

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