A Pollution Demonstration

With Earth Day around the corner, I like to take time out to focus on just how important it is that we treat the Earth with care.  To do this, I like to get my students involved with this engaging, hands-on demonstration activity.

To simulate a fish in a river, I place a sponge fish in a bowl (using fishline) and we work through all the various "toxins" that get dumped into the river.  (For instance, we dump in raisins to represent cow manure.)  As we progress through the journey, we discuss the effects of this pollution.

The students always enjoy this activity and learn so much!  

Afterwards, just for fun, we complete this activity:

You can read all about the specifics of these activities here on my blog.  There are lots of pictures and step-by-step information.  Otherwise, you can just download the freebie activity here at my TpT Store.

Happy Teaching!

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