Place Value Game

It seems like our students can never get enough practice with place value.  It's such a foundational skill, and the more practice they can get, the better!

The thing is, it's sometimes hard to provide students with meaningful place value practice that's also engaging and develops higher order thinking skills.  That's where the Picking Places Game comes in!

The key is that students need to interact with the place value system, changing digits around and critically thinking about how the system works.  Within the context of the game, students get to decide where to place the digits to give themselves the best chances of winning.    It's the decision making that helps students develop stronger understanding of how the place value system works.   

Having a record sheet keeps kids accountable and helps them connect the concepts with the written equations.

Using a spinner ensures that no two games are every the same, so students will stay engaged for longer periods of time!

Happy (Place Value) Teaching!!

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