Fact Fluency

I cannot believe Christmas has come and gone. Spring testing is almost upon us. With that in mind, many teachers are going to be trying to squeeze in as much teaching as possible. If you’re like me you already give morning work/ bell ringers and exit slips and you have your kiddos thinking, working, and collaborating from bell to bell. Have you though about all the time you spend in the hallway waiting---waiting at the restroom, waiting at the water fountain, etc. This is a great time to practice fact fluency. For younger students, the teacher could practice fluency through 5 by holding up some fingers on one hand. The students should respond by holding up, at there chest, how many fingers the teacher has down. The teacher may gradually move up to 10 fingers. For older students, the teacher may ask verbal addition and multiplication fluency questions. Give it a try; kids love to do math in the hallway.

I created a little spring themed set of task cards designed to help student build fluency with 10. Students figure out how many eggs are hidden inside a basket by looking at how many eggs are on the outside of the basket. Click here to get this FREE Addition Fluency task card set!

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