Decimal Place Value Mat

Decimal Place Value Mat

Just like with whole numbers, it's essential for students to have a strong grasp of decimal place value.  They will need to rely on decimal place value concepts not only for comparing, ordering, and rounding decimals, but also for estimating and performing computations with decimals.

Relating decimals to dollars and cents is one way to build a connection- the dollars are ones, the dimes are tenths (because 1/10 of a dollar is 10 cents), and the pennies are hundredths (because 1/100 of a dollar is 1 cent).  Using a decimal place value mat can help students develop these connections, and will help them move from the concrete money manipulatives to the more abstract representation of the place value system.  

PRO TIP: Laminate these decimal place value mats 
so that students can write on them with dry or wet erase markers. 

Happy (Decimal) Teaching!!

Christine Cadalzo

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