Reading Thinkmark

One way to to get your students to connect the skills and strategies they've learned in reading lessons to their independent reading is to use reading Thinkmarks.  Thinkmarks are small bookmarks students keep in their book to remind them of a recent skill or strategy taught during a lesson.  The Thinkmark may even have a place for students to stop and jot down notes as they read.
Reading Thinkmarks, a super easy way for students to show their thinking as they read,

You can give students a Thinkmark, related to the reading lesson, and ask them to use when they read their self-selected book during class or at home.  Then they can bring back their Thinkmark and share it with a partner during the next day.

I've also used Thinkmarks as an exit slip to get an idea of the students understanding of a reading skill or strategy.  

You can download a free sample of my Reading Thinkmarks and begin using them in your classroom right away! (Click on image below)
Have you ever used a Reading Thinkmark?  Download this free sample and see how easy they are to use to help students track their thinking as they read.

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