Classroom Jobs, Keep them Simple and Effective

Throughout my years as a classroom teacher I tried so many different systems.  Some were okay, but most of them ended up being more of a chore for me.  I got so tired of giving reminders to students about their job that the students had jobs in name only.  I was still doing all the work.

As with most things, the simpler, the better.  A fellow teacher has one of the best job systems I’ve ever seen.  It’s simple and the kids really do their jobs!

This system has only 4 jobs, and two students assigned to each job.  One is the Expert and one is the Apprentice.  Download this free file to read all about this simple and effective classroom job system.

 You'll love this simple and effective way to organize and manage your classroom jobs.  Simple and Effective!  Free download from Hello Sunshine blog.

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