Books We Love Year-Long Banner

Each year I read a lot of books aloud to my class.  I read books to build a community, introduce concepts, model thinking and for the pleasure of enjoying a good story.

I started keeping track of the books we read and putting them into a small display.  This idea grew through the years.  This final version includes a back side that can be filled out after you complete each book.  At the end of the year it’s fun to have a little team battle of the read-alouds.  Teams can compete to see who remembers the answers to the questions that have been collected on the banner pieces throughout the year.

Click on the image below to download this free book banner you can display in your classroom.  This is a Power Point file so you can edit it to meet your needs.

Freebie!   Year-Long Book Banner,  books you read through the year are displayed, with questions/answers on the back.  Then at the end of the year you can have a class game with the book cards.

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