Place Value Task Cards

Do you use task cards in your classroom?  Task cards are a fun way to preview a topic, review a topic, practice a skill, prepare for a test or even assess a subject.  There are so many different ways to use task cards depending on the age of your students.  They can work on a few cards at a time at a center.  They can search around the room for "hidden" task cards that they have to solve.  The whole class can work on a card at a time and then switch.  The possibilities are endless!!!

I created task cards for place value with second grade in mind.  The topic of place value seemed too big for one set of task cards so I broke it into expanded form, base ten, place value overview, comparing numbers and skip counting.  This freebie includes cards from each of these sets.  There are 16 cards total in black and white (yay for saving ink!!)

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