Journal Choice Board FREEBIE!

Are you looking for a way to support your students' journal writing? Use choice boards with your students! The choice boards provide options for students to choose when writing in their journals.

This freebie contains a choice board that you can use with students when they are writing in their journals. You can use this choice board in a number of different ways :

students choose one of the options when they respond in their journal.

teachers use the choice board for tiered responses. Students begin with drawing the picture and then progress through each option as they are able to demonstrate proficiency of each option.

use the choice board as a data collection tool. Encourage students to provide a sample of each type of journal writing outlined on the choice board. By looking through the student writing samples, you can better target each student’s need in the area of writing.

I hope your students enjoy using the journal choice board.

Until next time,

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