St. Patrick's Day Posters

St. Patrick's Day is coming so these multi-use posters from Liz's Early Learning Spot may be helpful to you! 

I'm using them for spelling with vegetables - which sounds a little odd but they're the perfect finger foods. And it's one way for your kids to literally eat their words!

You can also use them as straight up posters or play dough mats. Give kids small pom poms or other manipulatives so they can make the letters that way.

Or laminate the mats and use dry erase markers for writing practice.

If you don't need the mats, you might still like to pop over for links to healthier treats for St. Patrick's Day - with no food dye. Take a look now or pin it for later.

I hope your kids enjoy these writing mats and healthier food ideas and wish you happy teaching and learning!