Non-Fiction: The Most Important Question to Ask Your Students {with freebie}

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Graphic organizers for non-fiction text features.
Graphic organizers for teaching non-fiction text features

When I meet with classroom teachers about how to improve reading comprehension in their classrooms, the conversation always turns to..... non-fiction text.  

Looking at how students are currently assessed by their campus', districts, states, and even their country; there is no getting around that non-fiction is a big deal!

Why is so much emphasis put on non-fiction text?  
We are living a non-fiction life.  Whether we are reading on how to update our iPhones, following a new enchilada recipe, or reviewing a file before an important meeting.....non-fiction is a HUGE part of our life.

Here is one of the most important questions you can ask your kiddos about non-fiction:
  • How do the clues in the text help you to better understand what you are reading?

Teacher Tip:  Teach your students to look at the non-fiction text features before they even begin reading.

Looking at the text before they begin reading will help your students to see what is important to the author.  If the author is pointing out certain parts of the text with headings, pictures, or bolded words, etc. it is probably important to understanding the overall text.  

The non-fiction graphic organizers included in this freebie will encourage your kiddos to seek out the text features, help them think about the information presented, and then make a decision on why the author added that feature.  

Using text features to teach nonfiction.
Using non-fiction text features in the classroom

Each free form comes in black and white to make copies for your students.  I use the color copies when I am teaching the whole group and then I hang them in my classroom.

You may also want to slide them into a clear sleeve and add them to a literacy station to be used over and over saving paper.

Non-fiction text feature graphic organizer.

Non-fiction text feature tools.

If you would like to read more about teaching non-fiction text features and get a non-fiction FREEBIE too, please click here or you can click on one of the graphics in this post.

Best wishes!

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