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Arthur's Halloween FREEBIE.
Arthur's Halloween Freebie

Happy, almost, Halloween!  Marc Brown's character, Arthur, is one of the coolest aardvarks I know.  You know what's funny?  I actually thought that he was an anteater for many, many years.  Which is really crazy, because he looks nothing like an anteater.  I got the nose all wrong!   

Arthur's Halloween is wonderful for teaching just about any comprehension skill that you need to reinforce with your students.  From metacognition, characterization, cause and effect, YOU NAME IT, Arthur's dynamic character makes teaching comprehension skills easier.

I am a literacy coach and what I always tell my teachers is that you don't teach a book, YOU TEACH STRATEGIES, CONCEPTS, AND SKILLS.  It really doesn't matter which book you choose....but choose Arthur's Halloween in this case.  

Marc Brown Arthur's Halloween
Arthur's Halloween story elements organizer

This FREEBIE  candy corn organizer is great for teaching story elements and narrative text structure.  

FREE Arthur's Halloween printables
Arthur's Halloween FREEBIES
If you have ever read my blog before or downloaded any of my FREEBIES, you know that I am HUGE into teaching with metacognition and making text connections to strengthen reading comprehension.  The student handout above allows students to choose the kind of connection they made to the text and then write about it.

Below is the last FREEBIE in my Arthur's Halloween download.  It is not explicitly about Arthur, but I wanted to share it with you because it allows students to be a little creative and incorporate writing skills in the process.  I hope you will visit my blog, Teacher Karma, to get more ideas on Arthur's Halloween and download the freebies I discussed here.

Arthur's Halloween freebies
Halloween FUN writing activity

Best wishes!

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