How Are Your Morning Routines Going?!

Getting your kiddos in a routine and starting the day off just right is so important!  It sets the tone for learning the rest of the day.  Long ago, I discovered that if I could teach my kids to come into class and engage in something that kept their interest, the rest of the day went so much smoother (for them and for me).  But I didn't want them doing just busy work; it had to be meaningful.

Light bulb moment!  Create simple, uncomplicated morning work pages they could learn to do independently that would review Language Arts and math concepts they were familiar with!  I could "kill two birds with one stone," so to speak.  My genius idea ( worked beautifully!  The kids loved the daily challenge and retained so much of what they had learned!  And, thus, it began, and I never looked back.

In that same fashion, I have created this FREE week-long Common Core Morning Work for 1st grade, to be used the first week or so of school, to help get the kiddos in the perfect morning routine.

Come on over to Primary "Teach"spiration to read more about it and grab a free copy!

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