Turn a Group into a Team!

Not possible! Summer can't be over already?  Well, it is. It's time to think about going back to school and getting the room ready. Lesson plans, here we come!

When that new class comes through the door, your group will be 25, or even 30 separate kids with their own hopes and desires for the year. Our job, is to take those 25 or 30 individuals and make them a team.  Teams work together successfully, care about each other, and support each other. Turning that group into a team is no job for the faint hearted. If that team never materializes, fights, disagreements and all kinds of behavior that can drive any teacher to distraction, are sure to follow.

What to do?

I have a freebie for that!  It includes: Interview a new friend, 8 team-building activities, all about me sheet, class room  rules chart, and bookmarks! Click on the link below the pictures to get the freebie! Enjoy!!

Have a great beginning of school!

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