Making Reading Fluency Practice Fun

This is the week that I officially get to know my new students. They popped by on Thursday for Meet the Teacher, but I think it is so different getting to know them sans parents. Based on the data I already have, reading fluency is going to be a big focus for my intervention group this year. However, I feel like many of the research based methods can get so boring. I mean how many times can you do a repeated reading before you want to scream and run away? No wonder they begin to hate is hard and we make them do it over and over again!

That's where these repeated reading cards came into play. Each one contains a fun or silly way to complete a repeated reading. Read like an alien? Check. Like the president? Yep! Like an old man? Always a fan favorite. This year I will be using these cards as part of my fluency station, and I will be using progress monitoring checks to help me track progress. I've used some during our poetry unit in the past (just for fun), but this year I am going to really need them for concentrated intervention so I am excited to put them into a new use. 

Want to try them out? Just click the picture below to download a copy for your classroom!

Happy reading!

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