Copy & Go Writing Lesson

It's about time to head back to school already!  Can you believe it?  There's so much to do with planning curriculum, collaborating on final exams, and setting up our classrooms.  So let's start thinking about our writing assignments!
Thematic Analysis Paragraph Lesson Plan

The Thematic Analysis Paragraph is a 1-2 day writing assignment that focuses on argumentative writing.  The prompt gives students the opportunity to break down a theme in any given text.  The graphic organizer walks students through the process of writing a specific topic sentence, choosing effective examples, and properly elaborating on these examples.  This lesson can be done solo, in pairs, in groups, or even as a whole class!

Remember that this can be paired with any reading!  That means, you could choose one for the class or have students choose their own!  I suggest you send them on the hunt to find their own reading.  Enjoy!


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