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It's Back to School season and I know that one of the first math skills that I teach in September is ADDITION!  It is essential that our students know their addition strategies and can master quick recall of their addition facts.  In my classroom, I love using interactive notebooks with the kids because they are engaging, easy to assemble, and effective!  I show the families their child's interactive notebook at conferences and it serves as a great portfolio of skills that we have covered in our classroom.  At the end of the year, they are so excited to take them home because they develop such pride and ownership over their INB.  Would you like a FREE COPY of some of my Addition Interactive Notebook activities?
 Roll Your Addends is a great activity!  Each student needs a dice.  They need to roll their dice twice and record the two addends that they will be working with for each set of flip flaps.  Once they have their addends they will create a part part whole box, addition sentences, and subtraction sentences under each appropriate flap.
Make a Ten is a great activity that will help your students to memorize their combinations of ten!  Each flip flap includes a ten frame with counters.  Your students will need to count the counters and determine the missing addend if the sum is ten.  Then they will write the addition sentence under the appropriate flap.
 You can pick up your FREE COPY HERE or by clicking on the image above!  Good luck to you all on your upcoming school year!

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