How to Write Different Types of Leads

We are in the middle of our Opinion Persuasion writing unit in our classroom, and when we get to the lesson on how to write a lead, my students will look at me like I am speaking a foreign language.  I am not kidding!  
Have any of you had that same response? 
Over time, I have found that although my kiddos are genuinely listening to my instructions and what I think are great lead examples, they just can't keep this in their heads without visuals.  Now when I teach these lead examples, I show these charts on my smart board, and it really helps them make connections to what I am saying.  I also have printed versions posted on our wall for continued reference.  If you can use this, click on either of the images below.

Here is one of the types of leads demonstrated...

I hope this can help you in your writing units, no matter if you are teaching Opinion or Persuasive writing or another writing genre. 

3rd Grade Grapevine

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