Free PC Tips and V-Day Clip Art!

Hi Everyone!!
I have begun posting free PC tips and tricks for several weeks now (It is NOT a linky) and this week I posted a tutorial to show you how you can speed up a very slow-running browser.

You can check out the post by clicking the cute image below...I hope this helps some of you! We tend to use our computers for hours at a time and practically, everyday. It is smart to bookmark helpful tools in case you need them in the future (-;

I also have some FREE Valentine's clip art at the end of that post; however, if you are not interested in getting any PC tips, feel free to go straight to the free clip art!! Ha! I have created TWO Photobucket albums where I occasionally upload FREE backgrounds, frames, and/or clip art. Please feel free to click the image viewer below and check out the freebies. If you would like to read my Terms of Use for my graphics, please link up HERE.

Enjoy the FREE PC Tips and Valentine's Day Clip Art!!

Free Clip Art Album by The 3AM Teacher (the mugs are my son's very first clip art images that he wanted to share...such a cutie). You will need to click the "View all" link below each image viewer to go to the album. Once there, click on any image in the album and save the image to use!! 

04fallingstar's Free Clip Art by The 3AM Teacher album on Photobucket

FREE Backgrounds & Frames by The 3AM Teacher!

04fallingstar's Free Backgrounds by The 3AM Teacher album on Photobucket
Thank you for stopping by!!

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