Witch directed drawing lesson

At my school, we are still allowed to do Halloween activities as long as they are educational. So my students do quite a few Halloween directed drawing activities in October.  I LOVE, LOVE step by step drawing and cutting because I feel that it encourages sequencing and visual discrimination in children. I also love for them to write about what they have created! As a teacher, I know  how important it is for children to write about what they KNOW, but I also think it is fun for children to use their imaginations to write a story. So usually once a week during Writer's workshop, I allow my students to write a fictional story and it has proved to be such fun for my students!

Here is a directed drawing/cutting witch that my students do. They usually create the witch in a literacy station and do the writing during Writer's workshop. I like to take their pictures/writing and put them into a class book. I have included a cover page for a class book in the packet if you would like to do this for your student's stories as well!


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