Teach Your Students to "Crunch & Munch" Words! (MsJordanReads)

Do your students get stuck on challenging words? 
Do your students monitor for accuracy?

Students can use this "Crunch & Munch" strategy to decode tricky words or to practice reading words the whole way through! Avoid student frustration, when they get stuck, and stop students from guessing words by having them "munch" through every piece of the word (just like a caterpillar munching leaves!). 

Enjoy this FREE download to help you get started with "Crunch & Munch" today! This strategy is perfect for students grades 1-5 and will help them read with accuracy and comprehension!

Included in your FREE download is a Strategy Poster and a Graphic Organizer for breaking down words and recording word parts. Check out my blog post for additional information on using this strategy!

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