Place Value Practice

I teach math and science to two classes of third graders every day. This week I began teaching the 3rd grade math intervention at my school. We have 30 minutes at the end of the day when all our iii / RtI students go to intervention (we utilize all our paras during this time). Our administration wanted to do 3rd grade math intervention during this time, targeting the students that we thought could make a grade level score on the state test if they received some additional instruction. I was asked to provide this for 12 students, two from each of our third grade classrooms.

Because I consider place value concepts to be the foundation of so much that we do in 3rd grade I decided to start there. On Monday I gave a pre-test on the math benchmark from our state standards. This is the standard we taught at the beginning of this year, so we expect our students to be able to do pretty well on this. Scores ranged from 0 - 80!

I divided the students into three groups. They will rotate through three activities - direct instruction with me at  a teacher station, intervention activities on the computer, and a math work station where they will work together on an activity. Our activity this week is my Place Value at the Beach activity; I can assign them a first, second, or third grade set of cards for a matching game. This has been my most popular free product. Click my blog button to get it for yourself.

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