Does My Letter Say...?

This is a great way to review letter names and sounds.  In this game, students have a letter taped to their back.  Through the process of elimination, they have to figure out what letter it is. :)

After taping a "secret" letter on each child's back, I give them each a paper that lists out all the letters we have worked on so far.  One of the things we really practice before we start is what they are allowed to ask and what they are allowed to tell others.  (This will take some group practice because they get sooooooo excited! lol)

When we are all ready, they begin walking around the room asking their peers, "Does My Letter Say "__"?  The will use any of the sounds we have learned so far.  Their peers know that the only thing they can answer with is either "Yes" or "No."  (This is were you need the modeling.  They will get excited and want to tell them what their letter is.)  If their peer answers with "No," they can cross off that letter on their list and find another friend.  When they know what their letter is, they circle it on their list and come to me!  (I am the only one who can pull the secret letter off their back.)

Warning.....they will want to play this game all the time!! :)  Click here to download the free letter flashcards from TPT.  I have included both upper and lowercase letters for the entire alphabet.

To read the entire post about the game "Does My Letter Say....?" click here.

Have Fun!

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