Station Rotation Automation! (Oh my)

Do you do stations/centers/rotations in your classroom? Are they back to back? Hate setting a timer? Want the kids to take ownership of their time management?

I practiced the other day with a few rotations to get them into the swing of things. It was difficult since they were back to back. I've since though of a few ideas to make them smoother. One of the ideas I thought of was a timed powerpoint. (This was totally my fave because I didn't have to watch a clock or set a timer) Watch the video below to see how I practiced rotations for our second go around. (I plan to make it pretty and add some cool effects soon...but for now...bare minimum) The neat thing is that it's not limited to Daily 5 or reading or math...just whatever stations youy create!

**I've uploaded the most bare bones template of this to my TpT store for free. Feel free to use it as a starting point. If you decide to do this please leave a comment on my blog or on the YouTube video and a link for me to check it out!**

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