Moon Tracker for Moon Phases Unit

Hooray!  We have begun our study of the moon and its phases in class.  I'm currently working on an entire moon unit to put up in my shop, but I've only been able to make one thing at a time, so I'll let ya'll know when it's ready.  Here's a fun freebie for you today:

This freebie is a moon tracker that you can use with your kids as they observe the moon each night.  This is a seven day moon tracker, so it's perfect for the younger kiddos as well as the older ones. All they have to do is draw what they see each night.  You can easily extend this project to facilitate more learning if you'd like.  The download includes the tracker and detailed instructions on how to use this in your classroom.  I hope you can find some use for it.  Even if you don't study the moon, it could be fun to use in conjunction with a story about the harvest moon.  Visit my blog to get this freebie: Classroom Compulsion.  Thanks!

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