Bookworm Printable Bookmarks for library books

Hi friends!

At the start of the school year,  I think some parents are puzzled when a strange book suddenly comes home with their child. Some of our families don't have much experience with libraries or library books.

That's why I include one of these bookworm bookmarks with every young student's library book. It's a friendly letter, signed by the student (if they can write their own name). This lets mom and dad know our simple expectations. Just read with your child, and put the book back in the backpack.

We don't want the parents to worry about due dates, or what day their child's class goes to the library, or overdue notices. If they'll just read the book with their child and put the book in the backpack, we'll take it from there.

You can print these, laminate them, and keep them in the library books all year long. The cute bookworm and the friendly letter will make it easier for parents to help their students become stronger readers and responsible students.

These are free to download at my TPT store. I hope they'll help your young readers like they've helped mine!

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