Week One Down....Three Dimensional Figures

The first full week of school is OVER! Lockers mastered (hahahaha!), school supply list given, rules and procedures mastered (hahahaha!!), and our first lesson done and over. What was our first lesson you may ask? Three Dimensional figures. I love teaching them! Lots of fun, hands-on activities to do. In this blog post, I explain exactly what I did when I taught triangular and rectangular pyramids and prisms, cones and cylinders last week. I also have examples of what we put in our math notebooks. 

I will warn you!!! There is no freebie associated with this post, but I believe that it is an extremely informational post that could help you with teaching three dimensional figures. I am also warning you that I have listed two of my products. I am not putting this on here for advertisement, just in hopes of helping someone with teaching three dimensional figures.

Click on the picture below to head over to the post!


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