Susan Hardin's Athens Greece Compare and Contrast Double-Bubble Map

Here in my small corner of the world, in Georgia, we are back in full swing! We are in our third full week of school - I can hardly believe it! We are digesting the common core in both reading and math. Whew! Lots of work tackling both major subjects at once.

I am so grateful that my Social Studies units are all planned out for the year. We enjoy teaching this awesome unit on Athens, Greece. (Lots of great visuals and creative acitities).  It is spacifically designed to help teach the influence of Athens, Greece on America's culture, government and architecture. We really did get a lot from them!

Toward the end of the unit, when we compare and contrast the U.S. with all that we've learned aobut Greece, we use a double bubble thinking map. If you teach this topic and would like a FREE copy of your own, click HERE .
  I hope you enjoy.

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