Please Pay It Forward

I just wanted to take a moment to say thanks to all the fans and readers who pop by Classroom Freebies and Classroom Freebies Too regularly!  I know thousands of you enjoy all the amazing freebies that the almost 200 CF contributors post for you as we can tell from the page views and downloads we see.

With that said, I am sad to report that these giving contributors rarely see any sort of thanks in return, so I thought it might be nice to show them some love.  Keep in mind that every contributor to the CF/CF2 blogs does so in the giving spirit of teaching - and they give up sleep, gorgeous weekend afternoons, and time with their own families to create products, which many times are given away for free right here on these blogs.  There are no strings attached to getting your freebie - and the contributors love to share.

BUT - if you could pay it forward in one of the ways listed below, it would encourage the contributors to keep sharing (because quite honestly, there are few comments or emails sent to them):

1.  If you love a freebie from a particular contributor, share their name and blog with a colleague at school.
2.  Look for more products from that contributor (their stores can be found on their blogs) - and buy something else great from them.
3.  Just say thanks!  Much like you would say thank you to a co-worker who shared a great printable with you at school - please do the same for the contributors here.  If you liked the download, leave a comment either here at CF/CF2 or on the contributor's blog post.  I know we are all busy, but a thank you can really go a long way.

I think all the Classroom Freebies contributors are outstanding and share unbelievable work for free - let's make sure we all show our appreciation just like we would expect of our students because it is the right thing to do.

Thanks to the contributors AND the readers for making Classroom Freebies and Classroom Freebies Too such unbelievable blogs that get tens of thousands of hits daily.  Proof that teachers can change the world!  :)

Have a great Sunday everyone!

Classroom Freebies Curator

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