Routines for Turn and Talk

One of the procedures that I use in each and every content area is Turn and Talk. This strategy is used throughout the day - at whole group meeting time, at tables during class discussions as well as in small group. In order for it to be done correctly, it must be introduced correctly. If not, it may be misused as social me! (Been there, done that!)

How to introduce it? In our new Benchmark Reading series First 30 Days they suggest you introduce it and model it like this:

Say... "We will be using a thinking strategy called "Turn and Talk" throughout the year. When I ask you to Turn and Talk to your neighbor, I need you to sit knee to knee and face each other. You will share an idea based on a question or topic that I assign you to discuss."

Model: With a student show how you want them to sit (knee to knee; face to face).

Practice: "With your partner, discuss why it is important to listen to your partner."

Reflect: Why is it important to listen to your partner? Share responses as well as appropriate noise level expectations.

Practice: Share with your partner a memory you have with your family.

Reflect and Close: While the students are sharing, listen. At the close, say "I heard _________ 's story about his/her family. Would you like to share it with the group?" Then practice dismissing and returning to seats with your chime or bell signal.

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