Pre-K Kinder FREEBIE

Do you have a blocks/building center in your room? 
Does it drive you crazy because the kids are always off-task or using the blocks as missiles?

I have a couple of ways to bring back the fun of the blocks/building center while making it productive.....and it won't drive you crazy!

The building/block center has a very important place in pre-k and kindergarten curriculum. Playing with blocks provides a wonderful opportunity for oral language development, hand/eye coordination, and spacial reasoning among many other benefits.

While this is indeed an important center, it can also be problematic. It can be a noisy center in which kids become off-task. Sometimes kids start playing with the blocks, throwing them, etc. Most of that off-task behavior is a result of not knowing/remembering what they can do there. 

Here is a little "I Can" booklet you can model how to use with your students. Then, they will be able to refer to the booklet for ideas to keep them on task in this important early childhood center.

I hope you like this FREEBIE :0)

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