Teacher To-Do's!

I'm so, SO excited!
I'm getting my blog redone by the fantastic Honey Bunch Blog Design!
I'm getting slightly obsessed with blogging, something I never thought I'd be
saying when I started in November! The designing part has felt like one big
birthday party...for me! It's been a lot of fun, I was sent dozens of design ideas
& got to pick and choose my faves! So fun & I can't wait to see the result!

In anticipation, I've been working hard on my Teacher To Do package
&, of course, I've been thinking about all the new blog posts I want to complete.

Here's a "Blog To Do" list I made to help me stay organized:

You can pick up a copy of it here!

The super-cute paper is from The 3AM Teacher. I use this design for
everything - it looks great on white or colored paper!

If you need a word or 2 changed, leave me a comment here or at my blog,
I will do my best to make editing adjustments!

Have a super Sunday!

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