Understanding Terms, Not Memorizing!!

Vocabulary Foldable
Need a New Version of Vocabulary Foldable? 
You have to utilize different strategies to make certain students UNDERSTAND vocabulary and not MEMORIZE vocabulary!!!
This is a quick, simple, and easy version of a vocabulary foldable to use for terms in novels, short stories, poetry, textbooks, etc. Basically, it works for any subject and any type of vocabulary they need to learn!
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It contains sections for the terms and parts of speech, sentences with context clues, and synonyms!
Student just don't respond to copying definitions and memorizing them

A simple foldable can make the difference between a student understanding the material or not! Many students just don’t respond to copying definitions and memorizing them, and quite frankly, I find it boring and ineffective! Hope you can use this one! Also find similar items in my store....just click my signature to go there and browse! 
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Find Similar items in my sotre... simple foldable can make the difference
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