Students Show Personalities Through Unique Writing Journals!

Special journals uniquely designed by the studentsHOW TO make your own journal out of cardboard!

Here's a simple "how to" guide for making a student journal and a journal design project, complete with a rubric for the teacher!

Students can show off their personalities through home-made journals! These special journals are to be uniquely designed by the students! Decor used on journal covers should display the student's personality.
This is a great ice breaker for that first scary presentation in class! 
Included is a step by step guide each student can follow to make a simple journal that is covered with special items showing off  his/her personality! I don't require that a binder  be purchased for the journal because students can easily make the journals following these instructions. It saves money too. However, I just let the students choose between making a journal to cover or using a binder to cover.
The ultimate goal is for each student to cover his/her entire journal with whatever would tell the class about his/her personality!
by Ann Marie Smith of Innovative Connections
Also included is a rubric for assigning an oral presentation where students share about themselves through the journals created! 
Beginning of the school year Ice Breaker
I keep all journals in the classroom, eliminating the chance for them to get left at home. I also keep them organized by classes, each class having it's own plastic milk crate/bin in which to keep journals. If crates don't work for you, put them on bookshelves!  
As an added bonus, I participate in this project with my kids. I made my own journal to present to the class, just like they have to do. I find that including myself in projects like this one helps break the ice at the beginning of the year, and students are more comfortable after learning a handful of things about me first! I hope you enjoy. Feel free to visit my blog at Innovative Connections or Facebook page to let me know how your journals turn out! I'd love to hear about them. You'll be pleasantly surprised with the creativity your students show through this project. 

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