Susan Hardin's My "Me Bag": A Beginning of School Activity

A Beginning of School Activity

Here is a great activity to use on the

Start planning this now and you’ll be that much ahead of the game! 

  This activity will get even your shy sweethearts up and talking.  What else do they know more to talk about than themselves?   

I print these notes and attach one to a paper bag.  I assign each student a folder, with this bag and all those beginning-of-the-year papers inside, and put them out on the student desks.  We have a “Meet and Greet” night, just before the start of school, and the folders go home with all students and parents that attend. They return on the first day with their “Me Bag” ready to share. 

The folders that are left provide a quick glance to see who was not able to attend.  Send those home on the first day, and students can bring their bags the second or third day.  I stretch this activity out for at least three days.  Whenever we need a change in the typical “rules / procedures discussion”, I call on someone to share, and they love it.

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