Contracts and forms for student computer use

Do you have problems with students visiting websites they're not supposed to? Are kids picking the keys off the keyboards? Do you notice that students are changing the desktop background, saving files to the wrong location, or sharing inappropriate messages online?
If so, it might be time for a refresher course in computer literacy and responsibility. Many schools don't provide teachers with resources for this, so it can be daunting to figure out how to teach kids to use computers appropriately and responsibly. Here are three free printable resources I created to help with this. All are available for download on my Routines for Computer Use page:
Student-Brainstormed Laptop Guidelines/Expectations: Create rules together through a class discussion: what do you think our class’ expectations should be for using computers in school? What should the consequences be for students who do not meet those expectations? Have students brainstorm what THEY think the rules for computers should be, and write down their answers. 
Student Contract for Using Computers: After brainstorming the rules, have students sign a contract (acceptable use agreement) agreeing to use the computers according to class guidelines/expectations. Go through the contract line by line with students to explain it and have students initial each portion.  
Student Laptop Assignment List: Use this form to list which students are assigned to use which computer. Keep it posted in your classroom to make sure students know which computer is theirs to use.
Enjoy! :-)

Angela Watson

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