Making Words: Earth Day Style!

I LOVE using Making Words!
With my early learners, I use larger letter cards they can manipulate by moving around to form words. For the first few times, we concentrate on word families based on a familiar word, i.e.: sight words. For example, I start with the -it, add the initial sound /b/ and build the word bit, switch /b/ to /f/ = fit, etc. My students are already familiar with doing this phonemically & making words is a perfect extension :)
For Earth Day, I have a Making Words freebie based on the word "ecology." The first page is a cut & paste activity and the second page is the letter cards to use with a small group. If you like the worksheet, I have 8 other making words pages in my new Earth Day Literacy Unit.
Come over to my blog to download this freebie:
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Have a super week!

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