Rounding and Estimation Worksheets * to the nearest 10

Rounding and estimation are often difficult concepts for students to grasp.  My math curriculum allots one lesson to the two concepts - you can imagine this is not time for most students!  Instead of teaching rounding within the estimation lesson, I separated the two concepts.

We began by creating 100s lines and laminating them.  Then using the worksheets included in this freebie my students were able to mater rounding before estimation, while also practicing estimation before solving estimation word problems.

I recommend using 100s lines if possible when teaching this concept.  You can see my class doing rounding in action by clicking here.  

Included in this freebie:

  • 2 rounding worksheets
  • 2 estimation worksheets
  • 2 word problem worksheets 
  • Exit slip for rounding
  • Exit slip for estimation

 Using these worksheets and the 100s line my students were able to become very confident in their ability to round and estimate.  Nearly all of my students can now round in their head and no longer rely on the 100s line.  

I hope this method and these worksheets help your students or struggling student.  Please let me know how these work for you by leaving feedback, I very much appreciate it!


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