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In my room, I teach reading using the Daily 5 framework for small group instruction and independent work.  I also teach a separate Writer's Workshop, so I was having trouble deciding what to have students do for Work on Writing.  I ended up giving them a couple different options, just like I do for Word Work and for Listening to Reading.

In Word Work, they use their weekly spelling list and can:
  • write words on white boards
  • make words with wiki stix
  • make words with magnetic letters
  • write words in silly ways, like rainbow words, squiggly words, and bubble letter words 
For Listening to Reading I have various technology that they can use:
  • 4 computers with Study Island test prep games
  • 2 iPod Touches with reading game apps
  • 1 iPod Nano with our anhology stories loaded to it
  • personal walkmans and discmans with books on tape and CD
So, with all this structured choice, I slowly worked in writing choice.  Now when they pick Work on Writing, they can choose to:
  • work on what they wrote during Writer's Workshop
  • write a new story or essay
  • write a letter to a friend
  • write a list.  
When they write lists, they write everything from their favorite books to vacations they want to go on.  My students like writing lists about everything and anything!  I show them how I write lists of things I need to do, things I need to buy, and things I need to remember.  List writing is very authentic writing, and it can turn into ideas to write about during Writer's Workshop.
Here are a couple girls in my class writing lists on mini clipboards from Target:

Here is the freebie of two different lists.  I hope your students enjoy list writing as much as mine do!

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