Number Aerobics

aerobics5 I can NOT take credit for this idea, but I have made a cute poster to go with the idea! A FABULOUS Kindergarten teacher at my old school did number aerobics to get her kids going every day. Each group of ten from 1 – 100 gets a movement and kids move while they count. My kids used it at the beginning of the year to get us counting and working on groups of ten.  It’s also a great way to get give kids a “brain break” during transitions.  Click on the picture of the poster to get a free copy from Google Docs. In my version of Number Aerobics: 1-10 is clapping your hands, 11 – 20 is stomping your feet, 21 – 30 is jumping (like you would with a rope), 31 – 40 is jumping jacks, 41 – 50 is spirit fingers, 51 – 60 is the Twist, 61 – 70 is the Funky Chicken, or the chicken dance, 71 – 80 is Disco Fever, 81 – 90 is the Robot and 91 – 100 is Criss Cross (jumping legs across and back out).


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