Crafty Journals Tell All About You...

How about encouraging your kiddos to write in their own personalized, home-made journals that display their personalities?
A step by step guide to creating a simple journal covered with things that display a student's personality! Entirely personalized!!
Included are the "how-to" instructions, for using materials lying around the house, and there's a rubric for assigning an oral presentation to "Show Off Some Personalities" explaining all the little items, designs, pics, etc. students used to cover these creations! PDF is 9 pages! I've included a few pics here.
This is a great idea for anytime of year, as the students can use it as a writing journal, but as any other designated place to complete a certain routine assignment too! I keep mine by classes ( I have 3) in plastic milk crates. I have also kept them on bookshelves in the past as well! Enjoy! I even made my own to show the kids--p.s. sshhh it's the one of the picture examples in this download! Ha ha...
And, I'm so thrilled to be sharing this and many future freebies here at Classroom Freebies Too! 
Have a great week!!

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