Reading Comprehension-Pre-K-Kindergarten Passages-Reading Skills

I absolutely love using these in my small groups.  I have several of these laminated for a quick assessment of my students as we read together.  I have my students follow along with the dots for easy tracking as we read them together or on their own out loud if they are ready.  Grab a sample here.


Counting Money Review Task Cards

At the end of the school year, I like to do all kinds of review activities with my students.  These money task cards are a simple quick way for me to evaluate which students remember the skills taught throughout the year and which ones need a little more practice. Simply print out and laminate to use year after year.   This also helps me when it's time to meet with parents to let them know which skills they can work on with their child over the summer.  You can grab them here:  


Easter Egg Telling Time

It's an "eggcellent" time to add these to your math centers.  :)  These little egg puzzles are great printed on cardstock, laminated, and cut out for years of use.  You can grab them here:  


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