Noun/Verb Cards for the Flip Chute

It may not look impressive, but trust me, the Flip Chute makes for an awesome center activity.  First you choose a target skill and create the cards.  On one side of the card is the question and on the other side the answer.  Students read the card and then choose the correct answer. They then slide the card in the top of the chute and the correct answer comes out the bottom.  There are so many different skills that can be addressed using the Flip Chute.

I created cards for working with nouns and verbs.  On one side is a noun or a verb and then on the flip side, the word "noun" or "verb".
Click HERE to download 33 free Noun/Verb cards for the Flip Chute.

Step-by-step directions for making the Flip Chute can be found on the Classroom DIY blog.

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