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Hi all!  Charity Preston here, the curator of Classroom Freebies and Cf2, which have hit over 15 MILLION page views in just over 2 years!  AMAZING!

Have you always wanted to share your great teaching ideas with the world like some of the other fabulous blogs you read, but don't have a clue where to even begin?  You think maybe the technology to do so might be above your head?

I did too when I started this blogging adventure just shy of 3 years ago.  But I found out that it is actually super SIMPLE and FREE!  Learn from my mistakes and let me show you the "cliffs notes" version for how to do it too.

I have helped helped almost 1,000 other teachers to get traffic to their blogs and websites via my Teaching Blog Traffic School and I want to give everyone the knowledge for how to share their own ideas too.  The education profession is tough all around.  Perhaps by connecting to one another, we can help to support others who may need our help.  If I can help by showing others how to make that connection, it fulfills a greater purpose for me too.

If you think you even MIGHT be curious as to how to get started, check out my 3 complimentary videos that will get you started in less than 10 minutes - literally!  Not selling a thing - just free training!

Here is the LINK where to get signed up for your gift videos =>

Here is a welcome video that is also on the page from the link above:

Are you ready to share with other professional educators?  I can't wait to "meet" you in cyberspace soon!


PS -- make sure to leave a comment under the free videos after you watch them to share your story too!

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